When settling a custody dispute between a divorcing couple, the courts take many factors into consideration to ensure that the agreement reached is best for the child. Oftentimes, this means that courts must make a judgment call on parenting methods that may seem harmless or acceptable to some parents. In instances where you may be battling for child custody, it behooves you to be on your best parental behavior to prove that you are fit for the role. Providing a stable environment goes a long way in showing good parenting.

If you’re wondering what type of parenting practice might be frowned upon, look no further than a case in South Carolina, where a woman was recently jailed and lost custody of her daughter to social services. The woman told police that, during her shift at McDonald’s, she would often drop the 9-year-old girl off at the playground for hours on end. Police allege that she unlawfully neglected her child. The child also claimed that she would walk over a mile from the park to a McDonald’s for lunch.

This information did not sit well with some, who expressed concern that the child could have been grabbed by any stranger with any manner of intention. As more details came to light, some began to question the decision. Allegedly, the woman only left her daughter at the park for three days, and she left the girl with a cellphone.

Unfortunately, neglect of a child is a felony in South Carolina, and such treatment would likely not sit well with the Georgia courts in a child custody dispute. When deciding who gets custody of a child in a divorce, courts want to know that the child will be in a safe and stable environment. Strong legal counsel can help you make your case for custody and help you get the custody arrangement that is best for both you and your child.

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