Divorce isn’t easy for anyone. From asset division to custody disputes, every divorce has something worth fighting for, and in some cases, the divorcing parties will fight bitterly to retain what they think is rightfully theirs. When couples with above average assets divorce, the heightened stakes of the marital asset division can often make each day in court seem more important. Due to the significantly larger amount of property, high-asset divorces are often much more complex than divorces with average assets.

A good example comes in the divorce case of Michael Moore, the filmmaker responsible for controversial documentaries such as Fahrenheit 9/11. Moore and his wife of 23 years are divorcing. Reports indicate that Moore is bringing high-profile witnesses to testify in a trial that will determine how the couple splits their multimillion dollar wealth, which includes over eight properties between Michigan and New York.

There are many Georgia residents who have large wealth that might be divided in a divorce settlement. Lawyers, engineers and accountants are just some of the professionals who might have significant assets, and while few people expect to get divorced from their spouses, sometimes life simply has other plans. People grow apart, and times change. It’s nobody’s fault, but suddenly you’re stuck in a legal dispute over how to divide assets worth millions of dollars.

Due to the complex nature of high-asset divorces, it behooves the parties to seek out legal assistance, both to help them make their case, and to ensure that the opposing party isn’t playing dirty. Greed can sometimes corrupt people, leading to assets being hidden or property values being underrepresented. High-asset divorces can mean high-impact losses for those that find themselves unprepared for property dispute.

Source: Fox News, “Director Michael Moore enmeshed in vicious divorce,” June 8, 2014