As any parent in Georgia knows, the cost of raising a child is extremely high. With their constant need for new clothes, school equipment, days out and medical expenses, to name but a few things, the bills soon add up. Because of this, the child support system aims to ensure that children receive the financial support they deserve from each of their parents. However, all too often, child support goes unpaid and this can be of serious detriment to a child’s quality of life.

In a recent sweep, parents from across the country were presented with arrest warrants and charges. Each of them had a child residing in Harrison County, Indiana, but the parents themselves were spread over several states, including Georgia. Over 25 arrests have already been made as a result of the operation. The amount owed by these individuals, coupled with the remaining 30 for whom warrants have been issued, totals in the region of $1 million.

The county prosecutor explained that he hopes these measures will bring in some of the missing money. Hopefully the shock of being issued an arrest warrant will also be enough to encourage these parents to keep up with their payments in the future. Ultimately, it is far better for a child to receive some financial support from its non-custodial parent, however little, than to know that their parent has been arrested for not paying his or her dues.

These measures may have been implemented in another state, but it demonstrates the lengths to which authorities will go to ensure that children receive the money they are owed. If you have concerns about your child custody arrangement, there is no need to worry in silence. If you address the matter, you may be able to secure a more favorable decision. An attorney will be able to discuss your options with you and help you to challenge the current arrangement.

Source: WDRB, “Father’s Day blitz on delinquent parents puts more than 25 behind bars,” Courtney Godfrey, June 17, 2014