Greed does terrible things to people. These negative side effects are rarely more prevalent than in high-asset divorce cases, in which both parties involved fight even harder and more violently for the sizable assets than they otherwise might. The more assets that are on the line in a divorce, the more desperate parties can become to ensure that they get their fair share. Unfortunately, people are only human, and greed can sometimes get the best of them.

Rapper Master P is currently embroiled in a bitter divorce with his wife. The assets from the marriage are estimated to be well over $150 million spread amongst 31 properties, 13 cars and many other material possessions. The properties are spread amongst many states, including Georgia, and Miller is demanding eight of them, along with over $65 million in other assets. Even if she gets what she’s asking for, Master P will still have over $100 million to his name.

People whose assets do not number in the hundreds of millions may have a hard time relating to these numbers, wondering how it could be such a big deal if Master P would still have over $100 million. However, to put the numbers into perspective, Miller is asking for roughly 40 percent of her husband’s estate. In instances like this, it can be very difficult to determine just how much each spouse deserves in a marriage, making effective legal counsel all the more important.

If you find yourself in a high-asset divorce case and you are concerned that you might not get a fair shake in the divorce settlement, it is highly advisable that you seek legal help from an attorney who has experience handling divorce cases involving large assets. The more assets are at risk, the more assets you stand to lose.

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