Many children in Georgia grow up in the custody of only one of their parents. Some will still see the other parent from time to time, while others may have no contact with them at all. Even in this latter case, however that parent may still have child support obligations. Unfortunately, not everyone keeps up with child support payments and it is often the child who suffers for it.

In recent news, a Los Angeles Dodgers player has been embroiled in a dispute with his ex-girlfriend over child support. The woman, with whom he has two children, aged five months and nine years, has requested a temporary increase to her monthly payments. She is currently receiving $5,000 a month, but said this is not enough.

The mother reportedly put the family home on the market and took her son out of school in order to move to California. Although she has stated the move is to allow the children to be nearer their father, the father said he is dubious, suspecting the mother may be interested in the state’s child support laws that would be more favorable to her.

If the judge grants the elevated monthly payment of $15,000 requested by his ex, he could pay an annual sum of $189,000. Meanwhile, the sportsman has just welcomed another child into the world with his current fiancée.

This dispute is occurring in another state, but parents in Ohio can sympathize. A number of factors affect a parent’s child support obligations, but if you feel the figure is unfair in any way, it is better to challenge it than let it go unpaid. It is in the interests of your child to secure a fair and manageable payment plan that is sufficient to cover needs. An attorney may be able to advise you and help you with your claim.

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