Many aspects of a divorce case can be subject to change. Circumstances and situations are constantly in flux, and while court rulings and legal documents reflect the circumstances in the moment, it’s impossible to completely foresee what might happen in the future. While the courts do their best to treat everyone fairly in a divorce case, the definition of fair can often be different for the two parties involved in the divorce.

Raymond Felton, the point guard for the New York Knicks, has been struggling with a divorce case ever since his wife filed back in February. A large issue in the case comes from the prenuptial agreement, which Felton claims denies his wife any form of alimony. However, his wife claims that he cheated on her, which she said makes the prenuptial agreements completely void.

Georgia residents should take particular notice of the possibility that the prenuptial agreement is void in case of adultery. This is just one instance in which an aspect of a divorce case can be changed due to extenuating circumstances. While a prenuptial agreement is supposed to be a binding legal document that dictates the terms of a divorce case, it can be ignored in the face of an unexpected situation, such as unfaithfulness on the part of the husband or wife.

Much like the validity of a prenuptial agreement can change, so too can divorce agreements. Georgia residents who are contemplating divorce need not fear that they will be stuck forever in a divorce agreement which may one day prove to be unfair. If you are concerned for your job security, don’t worry that you’ll be stuck paying child support that you may not be able to afford. Divorce agreements can be modified if circumstances change unexpectedly, ensuring fairness to all parties involved.

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