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May 2014 Archives

Divorce agreements can be modified depending on circumstances

Many aspects of a divorce case can be subject to change. Circumstances and situations are constantly in flux, and while court rulings and legal documents reflect the circumstances in the moment, it’s impossible to completely foresee what might happen in the future. While the courts do their best to treat everyone fairly in a divorce case, the definition of fair can often be different for the two parties involved in the divorce.

Courts have become more gender neutral in custody cases

A fathers' rights movement gaining momentum in our country is raising awareness of what advocates claim is a legal bias when it comes to women in custody cases. This trend is evidenced in one respect by the many websites and social networking outlets that now exist for disgruntled men to air their grievances. A common complaint of fathers' rights activists is that child custody courts will side with a mother even if the father is the better parent. But change appears to be coming in an age where fathers want to be a part of their children's upbringing, and fathers don't want the breakup of a relationship to prevent them from having a say in how their children are raised.

Georgia man sentenced for fraudulent child support business

To a non-custodial parent who is making child support payments, child support may seem like an unfair financial burden, but it’s important to remember child support money is carefully allotted to be fair to both parties while still providing the best financial stability possible for the child. However, it is important to understand exactly how much you’re supposed to pay in child support and why. If you don’t monitor your child support payments carefully, you could make a serious mistake.

Dodgers' player in ongoing child support battle with his ex

Many children in Georgia grow up in the custody of only one of their parents. Some will still see the other parent from time to time, while others may have no contact with them at all. Even in this latter case, however that parent may still have child support obligations. Unfortunately, not everyone keeps up with child support payments and it is often the child who suffers for it.

High-asset divorce cases bring high-asset risks

Greed does terrible things to people. These negative side effects are rarely more prevalent than in high-asset divorce cases, in which both parties involved fight even harder and more violently for the sizable assets than they otherwise might. The more assets that are on the line in a divorce, the more desperate parties can become to ensure that they get their fair share. Unfortunately, people are only human, and greed can sometimes get the best of them.

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