NBA point guard Raymond Felton is currently involved in a divorce with his wife of 19 months. While their marital split is currently unfolding in New York, Georgia residents, and especially those who have lived in numerous states, may be interested in how the laws in each state can lead to different divorce outcomes.

Raymond and his wife Ariane reportedly signed a prenuptial agreement, which Raymond is asking a judge to uphold. Part of that agreement requires arbitration for the divorce to take place in Raymond’s home state of North Carolina.

If the agreement is upheld, Felton’s wife will not receive any alimony. However, a clause in the prenup indicates that there should be no arbitration in North Carolina if a judge rules that Raymond was abusive or adulterous during the marriage. Ariane claims that her husband cheated on her numerous times.

Incidentally, Raymond has also signed a deal for $10 million over the course of three seasons with the New York Knicks. For her part, Ariane, who graduated from Cornell University, is asking that Raymond pay her tuition at Fordham Law School.

The complexity of the case may offer some useful pointers to Georgia residents who are considering their own marriage arrangements. In many cases, a prenuptial agreement is the best way of clarifying exactly what each party expects now and in the future. The key to making such an agreement enforceable is to take the proper legal steps.

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Source: New York Daily News, “Knicks’ guard Raymond Felton asks judge to dismiss divorce case and enforce prenup,” Barbara Ross, March 7, 2014