Most Georgians embark on the journey of marriage with the hope they can stay together happily with their spouses for years to come. However, things change. Jobs are lost and gained; children are born, grow up and move out; and spouses’ preferred lifestyles can change, too.

When the differences become too great, a divorce may be a much-needed opportunity for a fresh start. After the initial pain of realizing that the marriage has to end, many people find that moving into a new home, embarking on a new career, and finding a new partner are all exciting prospects, though it seems these opportunities are more promising to Americans when the economy is stable.

According to data provided by the Census Bureau, the number of Americans filing for divorce has climbed steadily in recent years, apparently in proportion with economic opportunities. In contrast, the number of divorces had fallen to their lowest point in 40 years back in 2009, when financial security was questionable for people throughout the country.

In many ways, the news makes sense. Discontented spouses may be slower to split if, as single individuals, they would have difficulty making rent or mortgage payments, let alone child support or spousal support.

When times are tough, one spouse may be able to keep both spouses financially afloat until more opportunities open up. A big discrepancy in income may lead some people to remain in unhappy relationships. On the other hand, steady work empowers people to make the move into a better personal and professional situation.

Georgia residents who are considering divorce may find that now is a suitable time for them to make a move.

Source: Portland Press Herald, “Worsening divorce rate points to improving economic outlook,” Steve Matthews, Feb. 24, 2014