Divorce can be a frightening prospect, particularly for couples who have been married for a long time. Even if you become unhappy in your marriage, the routine of it all can feel comfortable and safe. You may find yourself thinking that perhaps the known evils of an unhappy marriage are preferable to the unknown possibilities of a post-divorce life. Georgia residents should know that they aren’t alone, and there are plenty of places for you to find comfort and support to help you make the right decision.

A concerned man took to Reddit to seek the opinions of those who could sympathize with his circumstances. He asked if he would be happier after divorce, and if it would be better to potentially have less time with his children, but for that time to be enjoyable and not fraught with tension. He received a number of affirmative responses, detailing many of the ways in which individuals can still find happiness after divorce.

The responders acknowledged that life would not be the same, but assured the poster that he would eventually readjust to a new lifestyle and find happiness. A happier lifestyle would lead to better parenting, a better relationship with your ex, and many other great things.

Additional fears that some people may have include being stuck with a divorce settlement that could become unfair. The importance of legal counsel cannot be overstated in ensuring a fair divorce settlement, but you’re not always stuck with the settlement once it has been made.

Divorce settlements are made to reflect the circumstances of a couple as they are going through divorce proceedings. If your circumstances change at some point in the future, such as with terminated employment or relocation of residence, the divorce settlement can be revisited and adjusted to remain fair to all parties involved. Don’t let the unknowns of divorce scare you. You deserve happiness.

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