Disputes over child support should never be taken lightly. When the care and well-being of a child in Georgia are in question, it is important that any relevant issues are carefully considered and quickly resolved.

With that in mind, Georgia residents may want to consider a Minnesota case that is making headlines after a man was sent to jail for his failure to meet child support obligations over the course of 11 years. In fact, the case may serve as a precedent for other states looking to update laws and eliminate any residual biases.

In total, it was determined that the father owed $83,470 in child support payments. However, when the case was taken to the state’s Supreme Court, it was found that he did not owe any money because there was no proof that he did not support his children in other ways.

Perhaps this case demonstrates that not all care can be assigned a monetary figure, and that not all fathers who are unable to make regular payments are irresponsible. Often, families simply drift apart, with both parents still wanting the best outcome for their children. In these cases, it is sensible to arrange a fair plan that benefits both parents and is focused on the child’s well-being, whether through financial or emotional support.

In any case, however, a child support modification should be achieved through the proper legal channels.

Georgia’s child support system aims to ensure that disputes and claims are resolved efficiently to protect the best interest of the child or children involved. No matter what side of a dispute you’re on, it is important to be aware of your rights and the relevant laws to ensure a resolution that is truly best for the kids.

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