For many Georgia parents, finding a positive solution to child custody and child support matters is a major challenge after a divorce or separation. Resolving such conflicts is often not a cut and dry process. In many cases, after the initial ruling, modifications may be necessary to reflect changes in the parents’ personal situations and new information provided to the court. Modifications may be introduced due to salary adjustments, arrests or delinquent support payments.

Georgia resident and rapper Big Boi is currently caught in a custody battle for his 12-year-old son. Big Boi split from his wife last October, and the mother has since made an effort to obtain sole custody of the child. However, the father is asking for joint custody of the boy, saying that the child needs equal time with both parents.

Big Boi has also said that he will pay the full amount child support and spousal maintenance, as chosen by a Georgia court.

The case illustrates some of the difficulties parents face after a separation. Even when parents are fully prepared to support their children, it may be necessary to go to court to prove as much. Legal representation is often necessary to achieve an outcome that truly protects the child’s best interests.

If you feel your current custody and child support situation is not working, you should be aware that it may be possible to petition for a change. Whether you are seeking adjustments to payment amounts or a shift in the custody balance, you may be able to reach a more suitable agreement that benefits you and your child.

Source:, “Big Boi demands joint custody of minor child,” Feb. 22, 2014