As many Georgia residents know, divorce can be a less-than-friendly experience. Disagreements about who should get what and how to split time with the kids can easily become major stressors. If things start to get out of hand, however, and your spouse begins threatening to leave you with nothing, it is important to remain calm and know that there are ways to handle those threats. 

The best way to face financial threats head-on is to know the law. If your ex threatens you in some way, understanding the law can help you shake it off because you know the law would never allow for it. Educating yourself can also help you decide when a threat is worth looking into. Of course, working with an attorney can make this aspect much easier. 

Next, take good notes about the threats your ex makes and share them with your attorney. Writing down what he or she says and how you feel can help you notice behavior trends in your ex, leaving you more prepared to deal with him or her throughout your divorce. On top of that, detailed notes will help your attorney decide whether the threats should be brought up in your divorce proceedings.

Finally, it is important to be the bigger person when your ex throws temper tantrums or makes financial threats against you. Don’t react by making threats of your own or doing something that you will regret. It could hurt you during your divorce negotiations. Of course, we are referring only to financial threats in this post. If your ex says something to indicate he or she may try to harm you or your children, it is important to seek help immediately.

Source: Forbes, “How To Cope With Your Husband’s Financial Threats During Divorce,” Jeff Landers, Jan. 8, 2013