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January 2014 Archives

The sticky business of getting prenuptial agreements

With divorce rates running high, not just in Georgia, but in different parts of the United States as well, talking about prenuptial agreements before getting married should be given consideration. However, a lot of couples tend to avoid the topic altogether due to the discomfort that it induces. It's like talking about a possible ending to what should be the beginning of a beautiful life together.

Proposed child custody guidelines snub shared parenting advocates

In a divorce that involves children, there is always the question of how to handle custody. In the state of Georgia, a child that is at least 11 years old can tell the presiding judge his or her preferred custodial parent, although this does not mean that child custody is automatically awarded to the chosen parent. The judges are still the ones who decide on the matter. Guidelines regarding child custody are important to enable every court in the state to make uniform decisions in similar divorce cases.

Bill proposes limits on child support payments for wealthy dads

The state of Georgia considers the best interests of the child when it determines custody and the amount of support that the non-custodial parent would have to pay. If the father is responsible for child support payments as determined by the court, the father's rights are usually taken into consideration, as computation of child support payments depends on the father's income and properties. This can be interpreted as the better off the father is, the higher the child support that he has to pay.

How to protect yourself from financial threats during divorce

As many Georgia residents know, divorce can be a less-than-friendly experience. Disagreements about who should get what and how to split time with the kids can easily become major stressors. If things start to get out of hand, however, and your spouse begins threatening to leave you with nothing, it is important to remain calm and know that there are ways to handle those threats. 

Fulton County judge upholds Usher's parental rights

If you're like most fathers in America, you would do anything to maintain a relationship with your children. Fathers' rights ensure that you have the opportunity to gain partial or full custody of your children, and they also entitle you to child support payments if it makes sense for your situation. In Georgia, you must go through a legitimation process to verify paternity of a child before you are eligible for visitation rights, custody and child support. However, these rights can remain in jeopardy even after your paternity has been established.

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