Separating from a spouse or partner is not usually easy, and the process can become especially difficult when a child is involved. Families in Georgia struggling with child custody are well advised to seek legal counsel to reach fair terms that keep the child’s best interests in mind.

Since Olympic skier Bode Miller ended his relationship with ex-girlfriend Sara McKenna, their 9-month-old son has been caught in the middle of a long child custody battle. Miller initially claimed that he did not want to be involved in raising the boy, but has since recanted his statements and now wants equal shared custody. He also argues that McKenna should move in order to make the agreement work.

The child custody battle has turned into a debate about a woman’s rights while pregnant. A New York judge originally granted custody to Miller after accusing McKenna of moving to New York from California while seven months pregnant in order to find a court more willing to grant her custody. However, a second judge recently reversed the order and granted temporary custody of the boy to his mother during Thanksgiving. Permanent custody has yet to be awarded to either party.

The custody battle over Miller’s child reflects the experiences of parents throughout Georgia and the rest of the country. Parents naturally feel they have the right to see and raise their child, but reaching an agreement about custody requires compromises that may not please all parties. As this case shows, when parents cannot reach an agreement on their own, a court will decide for them.


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