For many fathers across the state of Georgia, it can oftentimes feel like the courts are against you. If you ask most people across the nation, they will tell you that fathers are the neglected side in most child custody cases, constantly fighting for their right to see their children. Although many family law courts across the nation are  starting to give fathers a fair crack in custody battles, many men still experience bias or find themselves facing an uphill battle against their ex-spouse who may not like what the courts ask of them.

Such is the case for a 61-year-old man out of the United Kingdom this month who is currently embroiled in a nasty custody battle with his ex-wife over his right to see his 14-year-old daughter. In the 12 years that the case has been in and out of the courts, the man has been awarded the right to see his daughter several times. But as the man points out in a recent interview with reporters, his ex-wife has consistently refused to acknowledge the court’s orders and is continuing to deny him his visitation rights.

Although this particular case deals with different laws than those here in Marietta, the frustration that this 61-year-old father is likely feeling is something some of our readers have experienced with their own custody battles.  And although the courts are trying to help the man gain full access to his fathers’ rights, the uncooperative nature of his ex-wife seems to be impeding the process.  Knowing that the courts are on his side might be little comfort to the man because without cooperation from his ex-wife, there could be quite a bit more litigation before the situation reaches a resolution.

Source: The UK Daily Mail, “”Father with no rights: Mother stops him seeing daughter for 12 YEARS – despite 82 court orders demanding she back down,” Ben Spencer, Dec. 8, 2013