Many Georgia parents have trouble getting child support from their ex-spouses. If they do receive it, they may be lucky to receive several hundred dollars a month. Many may be angered about stories of ex-wives not happy with the tens of thousands of dollars a month they receive from their wealthy former husbands. Most people do not make this kind of money, so certainly this is enough to raise a child very comfortably. Yet, some ex-wives – such as singer Marc Anthony’s second wife, model and former Miss Universe Dayanara Torres – is still not thankful this holiday season.

Between child support and spousal support, Torres gets $16,500 a month from Anthony. The child support is for the couple’s two boys, ages 12 and 10. This would be a dream come true for most Georgia parents, but Torres is upset because Anthony’s other ex-wife – superstar Jennifer Lopez – receives more money for their twins.

So how much is Torres asking? She wants an astounding $100,000 increase to $113,000 per month. This is an insane amount considering most people don’t make that much money in one year, let alone one month. This amounts to more than $1 million a year. In her defense, she claims that she lives in a small apartment in California. But still, with the $16,5000 she receives from Anthony monthly, plus her pay from acting gigs and modeling work, she should be able to find a decent home in the state.

If Lopez does in fact receive more money from Anthony, perhaps it’s because they were married longer – eight years versus four years. In addition, of the four years Anthony and Torres were together, they were separated for two years.

Does her situation warrant an increase? The money she is currently receiving is more than enough to feed and clothe her two children, but child support payments are ordered based on income. If Anthony has made significantly more money in the past year or so, then perhaps a judge would force Anthony to give her more.

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