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December 2013 Archives

Dwayne Wade's engagement follows his high-asset divorce

When entering into a divorce, couples with substantial assets are faced with a number of challenges, such as avoiding asset division disputes and equitably splitting their property so they can move on with their lives. Whether the couple resides in Georgia or anywhere else in the country, the pressures associated with determining how to handle a high-asset divorce can lead to unpleasantness, as well as unwanted publicity, if not handled properly.

How deal with an ex just long enough for the holidays

While the holidays are dubbed “the most wonderful time of the year,” it may not be so for divorcing couples with children. In fact, people in the throes of divorce (as well as those who have been divorced for years) loathe this time of year. The same could be said for parents who were never married but are still vying for time with their kids for the holiday season.

Georgians can learn from Rupert Murdoch's high-asset divorce

When you think of a high-asset divorce, what comes to mind? Georgia residents who keep up with celebrity gossip probably think of contentious court battles over money, property and children. One recent high-asset divorce shows, however, that not all have to be that way.

Murder-for-hire plot complicates divorce proceedings

In a November 17 post, some of our frequent readers here in Georgia read about the disturbing case of a wife who filed for divorce then tried to a hire a fake hit man to kill her husband before the divorce was settled. It was a scenario many people across the nation hope they never have to encounter in their own lives, but it also raises an important question among our readers: could a murder-for-hire plot be used in a divorce case?

Number of grandparents as primary caregivers on the rise

Most of our readers, when it comes to child custody, generally think about a primary caregiver as either the mother or father. Although family law courts here in Georgia are becoming more open to the issue of fathers’ rights and making more dads the primary caregiver, it may be grandparents soon that will need the courts to change their views on custody, especially because the number of grandparents as primary caregivers continues to rise.

Olympic skier's child custody battle heats up

Separating from a spouse or partner is not usually easy, and the process can become especially difficult when a child is involved. Families in Georgia struggling with child custody are well advised to seek legal counsel to reach fair terms that keep the child's best interests in mind.

Mother ignores court orders that award visitation to father

For many fathers across the state of Georgia, it can oftentimes feel like the courts are against you. If you ask most people across the nation, they will tell you that fathers are the neglected side in most child custody cases, constantly fighting for their right to see their children. Although many family law courts across the nation are  starting to give fathers a fair crack in custody battles, many men still experience bias or find themselves facing an uphill battle against their ex-spouse who may not like what the courts ask of them.

Is child support adjusted if a spouse's job situation changes?

There are a lot of financial things that need to be sorted out when it comes to filing for divorce. Aside from dividing assets, couples with children also have to determine who will pay child support as well. This can get difficult though if a spouse doesn’t have a job at the time of a divorce or loses their job unexpectedly after support payments have already been established. And with financial stability always in the back of many divorcing couples’ minds, it’s worth asking if a change in a job situation can change child support payments down the road.

Child custody may present challenges even with amicable exes

Parents hoping to spend quality time with their children after a divorce may find that their existing custody schedule does not offer the flexibility they desire. In these cases, modifications of custody and support are an option to ensure that both parents are allotted ample time with their children.

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