Many divorced parents in Georgia have a difficult time getting their ex-spouses to pay child support. As sad as it is, many parents find ways to get paid under table or even go as far as move out of the state in order to avoid paying it. These parents are doing a huge disservice to the parents who have physical custody of the child. Many depend on this income in order to care for the child’s everyday needs. Is there anything that can be done to force the ex-spouse to pay?

Unfortunately, not much can be done. Even the Office of Child Support Enforcement can’t really do much to force the other parent to pay except throw him or her in jail or garnish bank accounts and wages. For those that want their exes thrown in jail, it can result in no chance of payment if their exes lose their job. So what is the best way to try to collect child support?

Some experts believe there are some things to try. As hard as it may seem, keep the other parent involved in the child’s life. Many think punishing the other parent by not allowing him or her to see the child would work better, but it could actually have an opposite effect. The parent may think that you want him or her out of the child’s life, and this will give the person a good reason to not pay child support at all. Parents who stay involved will feel more inclined to make the payment once they are able to.

Another tactic is to ask the other parent to pay at least some support. Some financial assistance is better than nothing. If the other parent cannot afford to pay, then he or she should ask the court for a modification so that the payments can get temporarily reduced until the parent is in a better financial situation.

Collecting child support is not the easiest task. If a parent is still having trouble receiving child support, he or she may have to resort to legal help or involve the authorities.

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