It’s often difficult for some spouses to bring up the topic of divorce with their partner. For some, divorce is like giving up while for others, divorce is a way to escape a toxic situation. Sometimes, a spouse doesn’t even find out about the possibility of a separation until after the paperwork has been filed. Such was the case for one Michigan man whose story of divorce is a reminder to couples here in Georgia about just how complicated this process can get.

Some of our readers may have already heard about the case in which a man recently discovered that his wife had filed for divorce one day before hiring a fake hit man to kill him. Similar to another case earlier this year from the same state in which a wife tried a similar tactic, the 45-year-old woman in this story also contacted who she thought was a hit man. The so-called hit man was actually an undercover police officer and after drafting what she thought was a contract to kill her husband, the woman was arrested and charged with solicitation to murder.

For some people, finding out that their spouse wants a divorce can be devastating news. But in this man’s case, it’s perhaps his wife’s murder plans that will truly be the devastating factor.

Any of our readers who would find themselves in a similar situation would likely consider following through with the divorce, even though the wife could likely see prison time for her actions. A divorce would at least ensure that he is out of a dangerous situation and prevent his wife from receiving any insurance money in the event that she tries to follow through with her plan once more.

Source:, “Court records: Ravenna wife filed for divorce just before allegedly hiring fake hit man to kill husband,” John S. Hausman, Nov. 14, 2013