Several years ago, “Jon and Kate Plus 8” presented the story of Jon and Kate Gosselin, their twins and their sextuplets. It has been a while since the show has gone off the air, and there are some people in Georgia who may wonder whatever happened to the Gosselins. As many people know, the couple divorced and Kate has continued to work in the public eye. Jon, however, appears to be struggling to provide for his family.

Oprah Winfrey recently interviewed Jon and he shared that though he and Kate have joint custody of their eight children, they do not really communicate. He said that they mostly rely on text messages and that they “don’t really have a relationship.” Jon expressed concern about how this lack of communication will affect his children.

Of course, marriages end for a reason and no one would expect someone to be close friends with a former spouse, but for parents that share custody of their children, it is important to keep the lines of communication open. If parents cannot cordially communicate about their children and any custody issues they may have, they may need to work with a family law attorney to establish a safe way to talk about their children.

Take, for example, Jon’s claim that he and Kate have very different parenting styles. This can be confusing for children, especially when parents have vastly different rules. While the rules aren’t likely to be totally uniform, agreeing on some of the basics not only makes it easier to enforce said rules, but it will also be easier for children to understand and follow them.

Source: US Weekly, “Jon Gosselin on Ex-Wife Kate: ‘No Cooperation,’ No Relationship,” Justin Ravitz, Nov. 1, 2013