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November 2013 Archives

Georgia program takes aim at child support nonpayment

One of the issues that commonly surfaces after a divorce is child support. Georgia’s state guidelines determine the financial obligations of each divorced parent based on several factors, such as income, amount of parenting time, school fees and health insurance costs. However, more than one-third of non-custodial parents in Georgia are unable to pay the amount required for child support.

Father fights to regain custody of abducted children

Fathers who live in Marietta may sympathize with the plight of a man who is awaiting a ruling from an Argentinian court. The court will determine when he can see his children again. They were abducted more than three years ago by their mother and taken to Argentina after the man was named the primary residential parent by a U.S. court.

Who gains custody of frozen embryos in a divorce?

Presenting our readers with real-world scenarios is one way that we explain the complexities of family law and provide residents here in Georgia with useful information for the future. Take for example the very real-world scenario of a couple deciding to try in vitro fertilization. For many couples across the nation, this is the only option they have for conception. And while most couples choose to focus on the positives that can come out of such a technological advancement, it's advancements such as this that can also cause legal problems as well.

Should legal counsel be provided if you can't afford it?

When it comes to matters of child custody, our readers may have a lot of questions. And because every situation is unique, that leaves a lot of different answers that cannot be easily summed up with a single blog post. For this post, we wanted to focus on one particular question that many of our readers might be thinking but may not want to ask because it involves the sensitive subject of finances and a person's ability to seek counsel. Presenting the question in the form of a fictitious, yet real-life scenario, we hope to raise this question in the minds of our readers as well.

Man discovers wife wanted divorce through murder plot

It's often difficult for some spouses to bring up the topic of divorce with their partner. For some, divorce is like giving up while for others, divorce is a way to escape a toxic situation. Sometimes, a spouse doesn't even find out about the possibility of a separation until after the paperwork has been filed. Such was the case for one Michigan man whose story of divorce is a reminder to couples here in Georgia about just how complicated this process can get.

Will Hawaii's legalization of gay marriage affect Georgians?

If you’re like many of our readers then you’ve probably seen the recent news about gay marriage in the United States. Just this week, the governor of Hawaii signed a bill that would allow same-sex marriage in the state. But as more states in the nation make this move, couples here in Georgia might be wondering what affect this will have on their own relationships, especially when it comes to the topic of divorce.

Fathers' rights and the benefits of paternal parenting

The many fathers in Marietta and throughout the state of Georgia who lament their limited access to their children after divorce are not alone. A recent article in the Yale Herald shows that across the country men who wish to be more involved parents are being denied their basic fathers’ rights. This retraction of rights often leaves children raised without the positive influences generated from a male role model.

More grandparents are acting as primary caregivers

Though there are numerous intergenerational families in Atlanta, most people still don't immediately include grandparents when talking about a household. Yet, with poor economic times come an increased dependence on grandparents to care for or help support grandchildren. And grandparents aren't just taking on minor roles in their grandchildren's lives; there are an increasing number of grandparents who are their grandchildren's primary caregivers.

Child support orders should be fair for Georgia fathers

The emotional issues associated with divorce have been well documented. However, divorce can also have a tremendous financial impact on a person's life. A recent article in the Marietta Daily Journal explores this issue while providing some financial suggestions that any father who is getting divorced may want to consider, particularly with regard to child support.

Joint custody doesn't necessarily mean open communication

Several years ago, "Jon and Kate Plus 8" presented the story of Jon and Kate Gosselin, their twins and their sextuplets. It has been a while since the show has gone off the air, and there are some people in Georgia who may wonder whatever happened to the Gosselins. As many people know, the couple divorced and Kate has continued to work in the public eye. Jon, however, appears to be struggling to provide for his family.

When same-sex relationships end, settlements relies on creativity

Same-sex couples in Georgia may one day be able to marry in Atlanta and have their marriage recognized by both the state and the federal government, but for now they are often left with very little recognition of their relationships. That could make it extremely easy to end a long-term same-sex relationship, in part because the relationship was never legally recognized, but it also can make it difficult if both partners want to treat each other fairly and with respect. If the couple has children, it could require some creative thinking to set up child custody and support schedules.

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