One Georgia County has a unique method for dealing with parents behind on their child support payments.  This county set up what is called a “problem solving court” that goes out of its way to motivate participants to become better providers for their children.

The program was designed to get the two parents to work together in the resolving of these issues.  One of the participants in the program claimed to have once been addicted to methamphetamine while never being available for his children.  Since that time he has become an assistant minister and is now providing support for his children.

The goal of all family law matters that revolve around children is to make certain that best interests of the children are met.  We have long said that such a target is best met by having both parents work together and actively participate in the raising of the child.  The same is true when it specifically involves child support determinations.  The amount of child support ordered needs to accurately reflect what is needed to take care of the child.

The focus of the above program is to put the children first.  It also emphasizes that the children need to have both parents in their lives.  The graduates of the program were praised by the county’s director of child support services for better serving their community by participating in this program.

Family law attorneys understand that laws and guidelines concerning child support in Georgia are constantly evolving.  These attorneys can help clients better understand their options under the new guidelines and what the expectations of the courts will be when it comes to child support payments.

Source:, “Coweta Child Support Court Holds Graduation,” Wes Mayer, Oct. 27, 2013