To say that someone in Cobb County won’t be emotional during a divorce would be a lie. Even for the most stoic of men and women, divorce is difficult and there is no shame in feeling a wide variety of emotions during the divorce process. In fact, it is actually better to be open about the struggles of divorce, as holding in those emotions makes it difficult to establish a support system.

For men, it can be particularly difficult to deal with the emotional aspects of divorce. Many men keep their divorces relatively private, but it is important to seek out advice from experienced family law lawyers on how to properly handle divorce and asset division.

One of the biggest problems men can face during a divorce is divvying up marital property. Anything that was purchased, earned or received during a marriage, for the most part, is considered marital property. In Georgia, that means it must be divided equitably between the spouses. At the same time, many men can’t get past the role that many of them played for so long — provider — and are willing to give their exes everything. Sometimes it is a deliberate play by a wife and sometimes it is entirely innocent, but it is important to listen to a divorce attorney before agreeing to give an ex more than his or her faire share.

It is also important for men not to make any big financial decisions for a while after divorce. Even though they may not think they’ve been affected by the emotional aspects of divorce, it is best to wait to make financial decisions until it is entirely clear that the decision is a good one.

Source: The Week, “8 financial tips for men getting a divorce,” Hayley Krisher, Sept. 30, 2013