As Clark Kent on the popular television show “Smallville,” Tom Welling played a hero, but in real life he must face the fact that he can’t save everything. Although it may be easy to make light of the fact that the actor who played Superman is getting a divorce, he and his wife are going through a very important time in their respective lives. Ending a marriage, even a marriage without children, such as theirs, can be difficult, emotional and stressful, especially without sound legal advice.

The couple is divorcing after a 10-year marriage, though they first met 15 years ago. 

Welling’s wife, a model, was the one who filed for divorce. She claimed there were irreconcilable differences, leading to their December 2012 separation. She has also asked Welling for alimony.

Welling and his wife did not have children, which could make the divorce much easier. Without children, there is no need to discuss child support or child custody, both of which are sometimes the most contentious parts of divorce. For Welling and his wife, they only need to divide their property and settle any question of alimony before making the divorce final.

That being said, this does not mean the divorce will be easy. If Welling and his wife are not cordial and cannot sit down and discuss the divorce, it will be much more complex and emotional than just a simple split. Moreover, if Welling is especially opposed to paying spousal support, he may put up a long and difficult fight. Though the details of the divorce are currently unknown, it is important to remember that every divorce can be stressful.

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