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October 2013 Archives

One Georgia County child support program proving to be successful

One Georgia County has a unique method for dealing with parents behind on their child support payments.  This county set up what is called a "problem solving court" that goes out of its way to motivate participants to become better providers for their children.

Zach Roerig files for modification of custody in Georgia court

Since Georgia has started promoting itself as a filming location for television shows, there have been even more stars relocating to and starting their lives in and around Atlanta. With The Vampire Diaries being filmed here, many of its stars have also made the move to Georgia. One such star, Zach Roerig, who plays Matt Donovan on the show, has also fathered a child with a Georgia woman. For the past two years, his child has been kept quiet, but he now has filed for a modification with the Georgia family law court to become his daughter's sole custodial parent.

Clark Kent's real life wife files for divorce

As Clark Kent on the popular television show "Smallville," Tom Welling played a hero, but in real life he must face the fact that he can't save everything. Although it may be easy to make light of the fact that the actor who played Superman is getting a divorce, he and his wife are going through a very important time in their respective lives. Ending a marriage, even a marriage without children, such as theirs, can be difficult, emotional and stressful, especially without sound legal advice.

Researchers say that your friend's divorce may doom your marriage

Many people in Georgia likely know someone who has gotten a divorce. If you don't know someone directly, you may know of someone -- a friend of a friend for example -- who has. While you may not think that person's divorce has anything to do with you, researchers from three universities found that it just might.

Child of woman killed by D.C. police subject of custody battle

Many people in Marietta heard about the woman who drove to Washington, D.C. with her infant child in the back seat, only to try to drive through a barricade near the White House. She was chased by police and officers shot and killed the woman after she stopped her vehicle. Now that the infant is without a mother, the young girl's aunt is asking for custody.

Secret credit card use a factor in many divorces, study finds

Have you ever used a credit card you share with your spouse to purchase something that you knew your spouse would disapprove of? Maybe you really wanted that new pair of shoes, or maybe you went ahead and bought a few expensive items at the grocery store that you normally wouldn't, thinking your spouse wouldn't notice. While a swipe here and there without permission from a spouse may seem harmless, a recent study found that it could have serious consequences for your relationship.

Will you be paying for your ex's student loans after the divorce?

One of the great things about society today is that there are more and more Georgians going to college. With a college education comes a better chance of getting a well-paying job, but it also comes with a higher risk of student loan debt. Because of this, there are many young couples in Holly Springs walking down the aisle with a combined debt of nearly $90,000. Of course, this is just an average and does include mortgage debt, but when individuals are married, it may mean both parties are responsible for the debt, not just the individuals who accrued it.

How much is at stake in Jenner-Kardashian divorce?

There are many people across Georgia who watch the Kardashian family on TV and maybe wish they had the fame and fortune that the famous family has. However, many folks would agree that they are happy to do without the divorce drama that the family faces. The most recent reports suggest that Bruce Jenner and Kris Jenner, the heads of the Kardashian household, are currently separated and headed for a divorce. 

Don't let the emotional parts of divorce get the best of you

To say that someone in Cobb County won't be emotional during a divorce would be a lie. Even for the most stoic of men and women, divorce is difficult and there is no shame in feeling a wide variety of emotions during the divorce process. In fact, it is actually better to be open about the struggles of divorce, as holding in those emotions makes it difficult to establish a support system.

The parent with primary physical custody files for financial aid

There are a number of parents in Acworth who have contemplated divorce but try to work things out "for the children." Once the children move out and go to college, however, there are a number of couples who choose to finally end an unhappy marriage. Although it may be difficult for a child to return home from college to learn that his or her parents are divorcing, there are very practical questions that a young adult may have, including which parent will file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

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