Although some people in Georgia may assume that a divorce between two people who have no children will be easy, the situation can still be quite complex. Take, for example, actress Jane Lynch and her wife of three years: the wife has recently filed paperwork requesting $93,809 in spousal support each month, which adds up to more than $1.1 million a year. Though most people in Georgia won’t necessarily be asking for such high amounts in alimony, the concept is very much the same.

As with any couple who are divorcing without a prenuptial agreement, spousal support may be an option for the spouse who earns less. The goal is to prevent such a radical shift in the lesser-earning spouse’s standard of living, gradually transitioning him or her to being single and a solo breadwinner. For Lynch’s soon-to-be ex, it is likely that her standard of living as a single woman will be substantially different than it was with Lynch.

Though Lynch has been acting for quite some time, her major success has been on the Fox television show “Glee.” As Coach Sue Sylvester, she has been earning approximately $234,688 a month, at least according to statements filed in court. Lynch has certainly made a name for herself (and a sizable bank account), but should she be forced to pay a little less than half of her earnings to her former spouse? Lynch said she will follow California law on the matter.

Sure, most couples in Georgia can’t expect to get $12,000 a month from an ex for vacations, entertainment and gifts, but they may be able to get some money to act as a buffer as they get used to the single life.

Source: E! Online, “Cheeri-Oh! Jane Lynch’s Ex Asking for More Than $1.1 Million Per Year in Spousal Support,” Natalie Finn, Sept. 10, 2013