For parents going through a divorce, the worst though imaginable is likely not being able to see your children again. In some particularly grueling child custody battles, as some of our Georgia readers know, this can happen. Unfortunately for some parents, they may still be forced to pay child support despite not having the right to see their children though. In the end, this can have a strain on not only the children but the parent as well.

Our Georgia readers can see this playing out in Toronto, Canada this month as a father struggles to regain contact with his children whom he hasn’t seen in nearly 30 years. As he explained recently to reporters, not having a relationship with his children was never something he agreed to when he and his wife separated.

According to the man, problems began when his marriage began to fall apart. When the couple separated, he says he was forbidden by his father-in-law to see his children and whenever he would arrange a meeting with them, they would never show up. At first he says his ex-wife gave him excuses, then nothing. He then began receiving returned mail, at which point he realized that his ex-wife had moved and not told him. Although it was explained to him that he could find out where she and his children were, his finances were in trouble and he could not afford legal representation to help.

Though he was unable to see his children and had no idea where they were, he was still paying child support, which was being drawn from his paychecks every month. As he explains, he may have made mistakes in his marriage but at least he knew he wasn’t a “deadbeat dad.” Now, nearly 30 years later, he is hoping that social media can help him find his children so he can tell his side of the story. In the end, he may want to seek legal representation in an effort to sort out the hardships he’s faced during his children’s absence.

Source: The Georgian, “Father searching for his children in Newfoundland,” Josh Pennell, Sept. 9, 2013