People in Atlanta are very familiar with the goings-on of some of its most famous residents, especially when they constantly show up in all of the papers. For the singer Usher Raymond and his former wife Tameka Foster Raymond, their fights over divorce settlements and child custody have definitely made it into the papers, and it seems that Foster Raymond has filed yet another motion to give her custody of the couple’s children.

Although Foster Raymond previously filed for a modification of child custody, this recent filing was for emergency, temporary custody of the children.

Foster Raymond argued that Raymond had individuals watching their children who were unable to care for them, which she believes led to their son’s near-drowning. The couple’s two children had been swimming in a pool with the children’s aunt when one of the children became distressed. The child is fine and is recovering in an Atlanta hospital, but Foster Raymond insists that she should be awarded temporary custody of the children.

The Georgia family court judge disagreed, however, saying that Raymond is more than capable of taking care of the children. He had previously been given primary custody of the couple’s two children last year.

It is understandable that Foster Raymond is having a difficult time getting a modification of child custody from the Georgia courts. When judges or parties make child custody agreements, there is considerable thought and negotiation that goes into the process and judges will not set that work aside on a mere whim. Rather, parents must show that the parent with primary custody is unsafe for the children and that it is in the best interest for the children for the other parent to be awarded primary custody, a difficult undertaking for most parents in Atlanta.

Source: CNN, “Judge rules in Usher’s favor, dismisses ex-wife’s motion in son’s near-drowning,” Michael Martinez, Alan Duke and Rich Phillips, Aug. 9, 2013