There are almost always people in Atlanta taking on home repairs and remodels, but those massive projects may have a negative effect on marriage, says a survey. A design and home improvement website conducted a survey of people going through home renovations and found that 12 percent of respondents thought about or got a divorce because of the stress of remodeling. Over half also said that they were frustrated and stressed out with spouses during renovations.

For someone in Atlanta to go through a divorce immediately after remodeling his or her home can be particularly difficult. Although any debt accrued because of the remodeling should be shared between the two soon-to-be ex-spouses, the house likely won’t be.

If both spouses choose to sell, they may benefit from having a home that is worth more, but if one spouse keeps the home and the other moves out, the one who moves out may be saddled with the debt from the remodel but none of the benefits. Fortunately, a skilled family law attorney should be able to come up with a divorce settlement that defers some of that debt or gets the spouse some other piece of property to compensate.

One of the reasons why couples fight during a remodel is because of differing styles. One spouse may want to get rid of furniture while the other believes it has sentimental value. Other spouses outright throw the other’s things away in an attempt to get his or her way.

It is no wonder why so many spouses get divorced because of a home renovation.

Source: Huffington Post, “Home Renovations Make 12 Percent of Couples Consider Divorce, According To Houzz Survey,” Shane Ecker, July 31, 2013