For anyone in Cobb County that comes from a large family, it is likely no surprise that some scientists believe that those people with more siblings often have better social skills. And, there are certainly only children in Marietta who live up to every stereotype: selfish, self-absorbed and unable to share. At the same time, however, there are many only children with excellent social skills and many people from large families who someone might mistake for an only child. It is this diversity that has likely raised some questions about a recent study that correlates the number of siblings a person has with his or her rate of divorce.

The premise of the study is that people with more brothers and sisters are far less likely to appear before a Georgia family law judge.

After researchers combed through data on 57,061 adults gathered as part of the General Social Survey between 1972 and 2012, they found that each additional sibling reduces the chance of divorce by 2 percent. Others within the family law field are hesitant to draw that conclusion. Even one of the co-authors of the study recognizes that the number of siblings is a very minor factor in the likelihood of divorce.

Regardless of if a person has no siblings or six, there are just some marriages that do not and cannot work. There are just some people who should divorce and move on with their respective lives and that has little to nothing to do with the number of siblings a person has.

What do you think? Do you think people from larger families have better marriages?

Source: USA Today, “Growing up with more siblings could reduce divorce risk,” Sharon Jayson, Aug. 13, 2013