This past March, we brought you a story about Michael Jordan and a then-16-year-old boy from Atlanta who was believed to be Michael Jordan’s son. The boy’s mother had filed a paternity lawsuit, but suddenly dropped the claim, raising concerns about the validity of her claim. Well, the Atlanta mother never should have brought the case in the first place, it seems, since she had taken a paternity test in 2003 that confirmed Jordan was not the boy’s father.

While it may have been a case of a woman looking for child support from one of the world’s most famous athletes, this is a topic that concerns many men in Atlanta. It is absolutely a parent’s responsibility to provide for his or her children, regardless of how involved he or she is in the children’s lives, but no one should be forced to pay child support for a child that is not his or hers.

In this case, the mother will pay for her publicity stunt, $9,704.13 to be exact. Last month, a judge ordered her to pay the amount to cover both Jordan’s court costs, as well as to compensate him for wasting his time.

Of course, single mothers should have access to child support funds from their children’s fathers, but in order for the system to work, they must only ask it of the children’s actual fathers, not just any man they think can afford the monthly payments.

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Source: Atlanta Black Star, “Michael Jordan: Pamela Smith Fined For Paternity Suit Publicity Stunt,” Taylor Gordon, Aug. 5, 2013