Even though mothers are not automatically awarded custody of children in Georgia any more, there are still far more single mothers with primary custody of children in Atlanta than there are single fathers. So, how can a Georgia father increase his chances of gaining custody? One of the best ways is to show the courts that he is deeply involved in all aspects of his children’s lives, and what better place to start than at school.

Before final custody arrangements are made, courts will often issue temporary custody plans while the divorce is being hammered out. During that time, a mother may choose to cut a father off from his children or make it incredibly difficult to do more than take the children during the designated visiting time. If this is happening in a school setting, it is extremely important for fathers to meet their children’s teachers and explain what is happening.

Teachers and school administrators should not be placed in any conflict between a father and mother, but knowing that information needs to be provided to both parents is helpful for both school staff and for fathers who may otherwise be overlooked. It is also good for teachers to better understand why their students may be having a harder time emotionally at school than their peers.

Of course, the best way to deal with a new school year is to work with a divorce lawyer and a soon-to-be ex-spouse’s divorce lawyer. By coordinating schedules and putting the children first, both parents can look out for their children’s best interests and have a fair chance at custody in court.

Source: The Washington Times, “9 back to school tips for divorced families,” Myra Fleischer, Aug. 15, 2013