Atlanta fans of the Hollywood power couple Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas may be shocked to learn that the two actors are separating. Although the couple haven’t been seen together since April, many of their friends believe that they can work through whatever problems they are facing. It is important to note that neither Zeta-Jones nor Douglas have filed for divorce, using another family law tool — separation — until a more final decision can be made.

Anyone in Georgia who has been following the pair know that their 13-year marriage has not been without its problems. At one point Douglas had throat cancer and Zeta-Jones was dealing with bipolar II disorder. One of the more recent issues between the two was Douglas’ comments on human papillomavirus as the potential cause of his cancer. Though he later clarified his statement by saying that he did not contract HPV from Zeta-Jones, it is said that she did not appreciate his comments.

It appears that Douglas has moved out of the couple’s home. It is unknown whether he has custody of their two children, or if the couple are sharing custody and expenses. Although it is unclear if the couple have filed for formal, legal separation, Zeta-Jones and Douglas will need to come to some agreement on how to best raise their children, cover their costs and continue to pay any other bills while separated.

If they have filed for legal separation, the agreements will need to be more formalized than for an informal separation.

Source: USA Today, “Michael Douglas, Catherine-Zeta Jones Split,” Ann Oldenburg, Aug. 28, 2013