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August 2013 Archives

Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas announce separation

Atlanta fans of the Hollywood power couple Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas may be shocked to learn that the two actors are separating. Although the couple haven't been seen together since April, many of their friends believe that they can work through whatever problems they are facing. It is important to note that neither Zeta-Jones nor Douglas have filed for divorce, using another family law tool -- separation -- until a more final decision can be made.

It is important for single fathers to be involved in school

Even though mothers are not automatically awarded custody of children in Georgia any more, there are still far more single mothers with primary custody of children in Atlanta than there are single fathers. So, how can a Georgia father increase his chances of gaining custody? One of the best ways is to show the courts that he is deeply involved in all aspects of his children's lives, and what better place to start than at school.

In a Georgia divorce, quality advice pays off

The economy in the United States has recently experienced a recession, and the past several years have raised budgeting consciousness for many couples in Georgia. Whether this increased attentiveness to savings was due to need or a voluntary decision, more people are paying attention to how much things cost. Even coupons have found a regenerated popularity.

Usher's ex-wife goes back to court over custody issues

People in Atlanta are very familiar with the goings-on of some of its most famous residents, especially when they constantly show up in all of the papers. For the singer Usher Raymond and his former wife Tameka Foster Raymond, their fights over divorce settlements and child custody have definitely made it into the papers, and it seems that Foster Raymond has filed yet another motion to give her custody of the couple's children.

Researchers dispute study on siblings and rate of divorce

For anyone in Cobb County that comes from a large family, it is likely no surprise that some scientists believe that those people with more siblings often have better social skills. And, there are certainly only children in Marietta who live up to every stereotype: selfish, self-absorbed and unable to share. At the same time, however, there are many only children with excellent social skills and many people from large families who someone might mistake for an only child. It is this diversity that has likely raised some questions about a recent study that correlates the number of siblings a person has with his or her rate of divorce.

Is it possible to avoid some of the hassle of divorce?

There is no question about it: the divorce rate in Georgia and across the country is rising. For a variety of reasons, more and more people are choosing to marry and divorce (and sometimes marry and divorce again). While there is nothing wrong with leaving a marriage that doesn't work, the divorce process can be difficult, especially when a couple must go through complex asset division. There is certainly one way, however, to avoid some of the difficulty that comes with property division: a prenuptial agreement.

DNA testing could help mothers in need of child support

Earlier in the week we brought you a follow up to the story of an Atlanta teenager who believed his father to be basketball legend Michael Jordan. While it is not entirely clear why the boy's mother would like about her child's father and file a paternity lawsuit after she knew the father was not Jordan, a judge through the lawsuit out. Today, we are going to look at the other side of paternity: child support.

Michael Jordan update: the child isn't his, mother to pay fine

This past March, we brought you a story about Michael Jordan and a then-16-year-old boy from Atlanta who was believed to be Michael Jordan's son. The boy's mother had filed a paternity lawsuit, but suddenly dropped the claim, raising concerns about the validity of her claim. Well, the Atlanta mother never should have brought the case in the first place, it seems, since she had taken a paternity test in 2003 that confirmed Jordan was not the boy's father.

Stress of home renovation may destroy marriage

There are almost always people in Atlanta taking on home repairs and remodels, but those massive projects may have a negative effect on marriage, says a survey. A design and home improvement website conducted a survey of people going through home renovations and found that 12 percent of respondents thought about or got a divorce because of the stress of remodeling. Over half also said that they were frustrated and stressed out with spouses during renovations.

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