Venting one’s anger or frustration is common and there are many men and women in Marietta who do just that all the time. Many of them do not, however, take to the streets to publicly shame the people with whom they are angry, but that is just what the ex-wife of NBA star Dwayne Wade did. Anyone in Georgia who followed Wade’s career may also know of his very tumultuous divorce from his ex-wife, including being awarded sole custody of their children. For anyone who hasn’t heard, his ex-wife has been seen on the streets with a sign that reads “NBA Miami Heat star, mother of his children on the streets.”

It takes quite a bit of evidence and arguing by an experienced family law attorney to get sole custody for a parent. In Georgia, the presumption is that both parents should share custody of children unless it is in the best interests of the children for one parent to be the sole custodian. For Wade to receive sole custody, many people may be wondering what happened between Wade and his wife during their five-year marriage.

Since Wade was originally awarded custody, his ex-wife has sued for more visitation rights. She also claims that he has failed to provide her with the $25,000 a month that she is owed under their temporary spousal support deal. Although it is unknown how her lawsuits are doing, it is unlikely that protesting in the streets will make a good case for granting her more visitation time.

Losing access to one’s children is hard for any parent, but taking it out on an ex in a very public manner is often a bad idea. Instead, working with a family law attorney to push for more parenting time is likely to produce better results.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Dwyane Wade’s Ex-Wife Siohvaughn Funches-Wade Speaks Out,” July 22, 2013