Family law is generally designed to help couples maintain a certain standard of living for themselves and their children after divorce. In addition to dividing marital assets in a fair manner, child support may also be included in a divorce settlement. Georgia laws account for a variety of factors in determining what one parent must pay to the other to help provide for a child.

One of the factors included in child support calculations is the need to help cover day care costs. If both parents keep their jobs after divorce, then child care will likely be necessary. However, day care expenses may be too much for just one parent to handle, so some assistance may be needed.

Recently, the state of Georgia instituted a rating system for day care providers. The goal of this program is to ensure that parents have the knowledge they need to select the best possible care for their children. The state provides incentives for day care facilities to be evaluated on variety of criteria.

Divorce doesn’t change how much parents love their children. As such, parents will likely want to send their kids to a reputable day care center. Including this consideration in child support negotiations can help ensure that quality child care will be financially feasible.

There is a long list of considerations couples must make during the divorce process. Many of those issues can be a source of tension, particularly negotiations involving children. Although settling child custody and support arrangements can be an emotional process, parents should try to set aside differences and do what’s in the best interests of their children.

Source: WTEV News, “New rating system for Georgia day care centers,” July 18, 2013