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July 2013 Archives

Researchers find overnight visits may be detrimental to children

Our blog has talked extensively about the importance of joint custody for children and protecting both parents' rights to their children. Although the presumption in Georgia is that parents will share custody of children following a divorce, a custody arrangement is ultimately made in the best interests of a child. This may mean that one parent has very limited rights or no rights at all if having rights would be detrimental to the child's well-being.

Day care costs can be factored into child support calculations

Family law is generally designed to help couples maintain a certain standard of living for themselves and their children after divorce. In addition to dividing marital assets in a fair manner, child support may also be included in a divorce settlement. Georgia laws account for a variety of factors in determining what one parent must pay to the other to help provide for a child.

Complex divorces often require understanding your rights

When Marietta couples divorce, there is much more than just talking to friends who have gone through their own divorces. While friends and others who have been through divorce often have their own advice about the process, getting through a complex divorce is more than just listening to advice.The best way to protect your rights is to know your rights, which is why it is so important for anyone going through a divorce to work closely with a family law attorney.

Ex-wife of NBA star takes her divorce frustrations to the streets

Venting one's anger or frustration is common and there are many men and women in Marietta who do just that all the time. Many of them do not, however, take to the streets to publicly shame the people with whom they are angry, but that is just what the ex-wife of NBA star Dwayne Wade did. Anyone in Georgia who followed Wade's career may also know of his very tumultuous divorce from his ex-wife, including being awarded sole custody of their children. For anyone who hasn't heard, his ex-wife has been seen on the streets with a sign that reads "NBA Miami Heat star, mother of his children on the streets."

The ex has the home, but you are not off the mortgage

Imagine this: you and your lawyer have worked hard to come up with a divorce settlement that is satisfactory to both you and your ex. He or she is getting the house and you are getting other parts of the marital property. You give up your rights to the home through a quitclaim deed and he or she agrees to pay the mortgage. You think everything is fine until several months later when you are being told that you need to make a late mortgage payment. Sadly, this kind of thing happens in Atlanta quite frequently since just because an ex has the home does not mean that the other former spouse is off of the mortgage.

More couples choosing to sign postnuptial agreements

Many people in Marietta are familiar with the concept of prenuptial agreements: a contract that couples sign before getting married that often lays out how money and property will be divided at divorce. Fewer people may be familiar with postnuptial agreements, very similar to prenuptial agreements but signed after a marriage, but there are an increasing number of Georgians who are using these agreements. Much like a prenuptial agreement, postnups can be used to resolve a considerable number of family law issues.

Women happier than men after divorce

In some cases, the decision to seek a divorce is mutual and both spouses are able to leave their relationship happily. In other cases, however, a divorce can have profound impact on a spouse’s happiness. Although many people might guess that the happiness of women is more likely to suffer after divorce, a recent study indicates that this is not the case. In fact, women are much more likely than men to be happy after their marriages end.

Parents may share custody but not religious traditions, Part II

Yesterday, we talked a little about how interfaith parenting and divorce are becoming more commonplace in Atlanta. Part of the challenge that divorced parents of differing religious backgrounds face is how to deal with custody arrangements and religious holidays. Parents and their child custody attorneys will ultimately come up with an agreement on how to deal with holidays and changes to the standard custody arrangement, just like they will address how to work around issues related to religious practice.

Parents may share custody but not religious traditions, Part I

The Atlanta region has become increasingly diverse in the past 20 years, which also means that there are more and more people of very different religions getting married and raising children together. For some, religion plays a relatively minor role and there is little to no conflict over religious differences, but for divorcing or divorced parents, how they incorporate religion into children's lives must be done carefully.

Are men in Georgia ashamed to receive alimony?

Historically, when couples in Atlanta divorced, women were very concerned that the end of a marriage would mean poverty. And back in the day, that concern was likely valid: women made far less than men, if they worked outside of the home at all. A divorce would mean that they were cut off from that source of income and they would be forced to get a job, possibly for the first time ever. It was this situation that led to the creation of alimony.

Housing facility opens to help grandparents raising grandchildren

The first-ever facility designed to help grandparents raise their grandchildren has opened, and, if successful, it may spread to Georgia. Although many people in Austell think about families with a mother, a father and children, there are an increasing number of grandparents raising their grandchildren. Whether it is because the children's parents are unfit or have died, when grandparents have custody of the children, they often have concerns that parents might not have.

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