Facebook is no longer for college students and high schoolers; there are an increasing number of people across Georgia who are logging on and finding friends they haven’t talked to in years. But, Facebook allows for more than just that, it allows for people to connect with people they used to date or people to whom they were previously married. And, with much of this interaction public, Facebook is causing considerable upset in relationships in Atlanta, sometimes leading to divorce.

A new study has shown that the more often someone uses Facebook, especially when he or she is using Facebook more than once an hour, the more likely he or she will be to contact a former partner. This, of course, can lead to considerable jealousy with the individual’s current spouse, which has led to an increased likelihood of divorce.

The study looked at 205 people who used Facebook, all of whom were between 18 and 82 years old. The researchers looked at those in relationships and asked whether Facebook and social media had ever caused conflict with their partners. Ultimately, they found that not only do individuals keep in contact or reconnect with former partners, but that frequent Facebook users also keep close tabs on their current partners’ Facebook usage. This can lead to jealousy, conflict and divorce.

While Facebook use may have a strong correlation with divorce, there are often other underlying issues that lead to a divorce. Regardless of why a couple is divorcing, however, it is important to work through these important family law issues with a qualified and experienced family law attorney, so as to lower the risk that something important will be overlooked.

Source: Huffington Post, “Facebook, Divorce Linked In New Study,” June 6, 2013