When a family court judge in Atlanta creates a custody agreement, it is expected that both the mother and father abide by it. While we have taken the time to discuss fathers’ rights in this blog and that sometimes women receive better child custody decisions, judges rarely award either parent full custody of the children. When they do, it is often because they believe it to be best for the children. Whether that is true or not, if the parent who has no custodial rights over the children, it is best for him or her to work with his or her lawyer to modify the agreement and not to do anything outside the letter of the agreement.

It likely would have been better for NBA great Allen Iverson to have taken this advice instead of what appears to be his decision to keep his children in a Georgia hotel instead of returning them to their mother.

While nothing has yet been confirmed and the details of Iverson’s custody agreement with his ex-wife is unclear, Fox Sports is reporting that Iverson’s ex is seeking judicial action against Iverson after she says he abducted their five children. The mother has sole legal custody over the children, but she agreed to Iverson taking them on a short trip. When he did not bring the children back, she suspected that he has them in a hotel with him.

Supposing that his ex-wife’s allegations are true, we don’t know why Iverson has “abducted” his children. If it was an attempt to gain a better custody decision, this is likely not the best way to do so. Rather, by working with a family law attorney, he could seek to modify the custody agreement, creating something that gives him more time with the children.

Source: Fox Sports, “Ex-wife: Iverson abducted their kids,” June 17, 2013