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June 2013 Archives

Supreme Court makes same-sex divorce slightly less complex

It is no surprise to the people of Marietta that Georgia does not allow for same-sex marriage. That does not mean, however, that there are not many Georgia couples who have traveled outside of the state or the country in order to get married. For those same-sex couples who were wed in states allowing for same-sex marriage, the Supreme Court's ruling earlier this week was a momentous day in which the federal government recognized their marriages. What this also does is to simplify a complex divorce process among same-sex couples.

Divorce is not always mutual

When many of us in Marietta think about divorce, we think of a failing marriage in which both the husband and wife are unhappy. Maybe someone cheated, which was surprising, but after it came to light both parties wanted the divorce. While these kinds of mutual divorce are incredibly common, they are not the only way people in Georgia divorce. Sometimes, only one person wants a divorce and the other wants to work things out. When this is the case, it is important to be able to sit down and discuss divorce with respect for each other's very different views on the matter.

Surviving gray divorce: tips for baby boomers after divorce

Many people in Atlanta are seeing more and more baby boomers going through divorces. The number of people over the age of 50 getting divorced has increased tremendously, jumping from one in 10 in 1990 to one in four in 2009. While later-in-life divorces can bring up a whole host of family law issues that just don't come up in divorce cases for people in their 20s and 30s, there are also many emotional aspects to gray divorce that may require special mention.

Allen Iverson accused of keeping children in Georgia hotel

When a family court judge in Atlanta creates a custody agreement, it is expected that both the mother and father abide by it. While we have taken the time to discuss fathers' rights in this blog and that sometimes women receive better child custody decisions, judges rarely award either parent full custody of the children. When they do, it is often because they believe it to be best for the children. Whether that is true or not, if the parent who has no custodial rights over the children, it is best for him or her to work with his or her lawyer to modify the agreement and not to do anything outside the letter of the agreement.

Findings show divorce and Facebook are likely connected

Facebook is no longer for college students and high schoolers; there are an increasing number of people across Georgia who are logging on and finding friends they haven't talked to in years. But, Facebook allows for more than just that, it allows for people to connect with people they used to date or people to whom they were previously married. And, with much of this interaction public, Facebook is causing considerable upset in relationships in Atlanta, sometimes leading to divorce.

The various ways of dealing with pets after divorce

When you and your spouse married, you knew you wanted to be parents. After a few years, you brought home a new addition. You cared for him or her, you spent a considerable amount of money on him or her and you loved him or her, so now that you and your spouse are divorcing, what are you to do? If this was a question about children, there is a highly established set of laws and procedures in Georgia to decide child custody. If, however, we are talking about a pet, it may be much trickier to figure out.

Dramatic increase in number of mothers as heads of household

For years, many women in Cobb County made less than their husbands, but times are changing and it is estimated that 40 percent of women are the primary breadwinners. This means that either Georgia women are making more than their husbands, or that they compose a single-parent household. The is a dramatic increase from the only 11 percent of women who were breadwinners in the 1960s.

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