The initial reason behind alimony was that when a woman was married, it was expected that she would no longer work outside the home, and that her husband was responsible for all of her financial needs. If the couple were to divorce, the man would be able to continue earning a living, but the woman would be left without any financial means. By forcing the man to pay alimony to his ex-wife, the negative impact would be lessened for the woman.

As more and more women become the primary breadwinners in their homes, however, there is an increase in Georgia women being ordered to pay spousal support after their divorce. While it is wonderful that there are more women who are earning lucrative salaries, many of them are unhappy that they are now being forced to pay their exes’ alimony.

The idea behind alimony remains the same, however. There are still some men and women who, when they marry, will quit their jobs and raise families. Although the number of stay-at-home mothers far outweighs the number of stay-at-home fathers, there are both men and women who would be financially ruined without alimony. Though permanent alimony is more a thing of the past, spousal support continues to soften the economic impact of a divorce and tries keep both parties in as much the same lifestyles as they were before the divorce.

Trying to navigate Georgia’s alimony system alone can be difficult. Anyone who believes he or she deserves temporary spousal support should work with a skilled family law attorney to help protect that right and help prevent financial ruin.

Source: Time, “The De-Gendering of Divorce: Wives Pay Ex-Husbands Alimony Too,” Liza Mundy, April 16, 2013