When someone has primary custody of a child in Georgia, he or she can often collect child support from the child’s other parent. Those monthly child support payments help to defray the costs of rearing the child and are certainly in the child’s interest, yet many men and women in Georgia have a difficult time collecting, at times discouraging people from even seeking out child support.

If someone deserves or believes he or she deserves child support, it is important to work with an experienced family law attorney. From securing an order of child support form a Georgia family law judge to navigating the child support system, an attorney can help get parents the money they need to raise their children.

Sometimes, however, it is incredibly difficult for single parents to get the money that is owed to them. One Georgia woman told reporters that during the 18 years she should have been receiving child support, she only got $3,000. Although she may be able to collect on the unpaid support, she had to raise her son on a much tighter budget than if she had received some financial support.

There are some, however, who want others not to stereotype all parents, especially fathers. Just because a father and mother don’t stay together does not mean that the father won’t stay in his child’s life or pay child support if ordered to do so.

Regardless of whether a parent is involved or not, trying to navigate the state-run child support system can be difficult, all the more reason to consult a family law attorney.

Source: Fox 31, “Parents sound off on child support system,” Matt Prichard, April 25, 2013