While many families in Acworth may only think of child custody issues in terms of mothers and fathers, there are a variety of different ways in which issues of child custody can play out in Georgia family law courts. Although Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen may be Hollywood stars, the situation that they have been working through is just one of the many different custody issues that can come up in everyday Georgians’ lives.

Denise Richards, the ex-wife of Charlie Sheen, has taken temporary legal and physical custody of his twins. What makes this unique is that Richards are not the twins’ mother. The twins had previously been living with their mother, Sheen’s most recent ex-wife, but when she entered drug rehabilitation, Richards stepped up. Although many see Richards’s move as a generous move, it is the twins’ mother who has some concerns.

It is true that most Georgia courts will try to place children with one parent or the other following a divorce, but if both the mother and father are incapable of caring for the children, it is difficult to say who exactly will take temporary or personal custody of the children. Usually it is a family member, but it is important that anyone who is attempting to take custody work with a skilled child custody attorney to file for custody. Because it is out of the norm for a family friend or a relative to take custody of the children, especially while both parents are alive, it is often too difficult for individuals to handle custody alone.

As for Richards, she had the full support of Sheen.

Source: The Christian Post, “Denise Richards Refuses Extra Child Support From Charlie Sheen,” Sami K. Martin, May 13, 2013