Divorce is almost never easy on children of any age. Because of this, many married parents in Georgia and elsewhere have suffered through marriages where all love and communication is dead in a desperate effort to make life as easy as possible for children.

But one divorce coach and author recommends that for many families, going the divorce route could be the best for children in the long run, provided the parents do not drag the children through any messy confrontations.

The woman said her view has been molded by the fact that her parents staying together for the sake of their children made the situation worse, because they were constantly arguing in front of the children.

Some people are just not meant to be together, and it’s okay to admit that divorce might be the best course of action, even when children are involved. The divorce coach said that when she had to go through her own divorce, she wanted to make it as “child-centric” as possible.

She and her ex-husband made a real effort to co-parent effectively, which required them to be able to get along. This may be harder for some parents going through a divorce, but if they are worried about their children’s happiness, it is an effort that all divorcing parents need to make.

For some, it could mean getting their divorce accomplished with the help of a mediator instead of a long, drawn-out court battle. Parents trading recriminations and remaining bitter toward the other spouse can lead to small children being confused about their role in their parents’ lives, which can be just as bad as “staying together for the kids.” Instead, parents should think about “divorcing correctly for the kids.”

Source: The Huffington Post, “Divorce Or Stay? Parents Must Put Kids First Either Way,” Rosalind Sedacca, April 3, 2013