While there are definitely some benefits to having divorce become more commonplace in Atlanta, there are also some problems. One of the biggest problems is that with more people divorcing, the more people there are who are ready and eager to throw out their opinions on how to have the “best” divorce. Making the decision to get a divorce was certainly difficult, but anyone in Atlanta who is starting the process would be best served by working closely with a family law attorney.

It is a rare thing for divorcing spouses to be able to divorce without a family law attorney. Trying to divorce without professional help is incredibly difficult and can have extremely serious effects on an individual’s life. What if someone made a mistake during the child custody process and had his or her custody slashed from near half to only 25 percent of the time? What if there was a problem with child support and the noncustodial parent was paying far more than he or she would ever be able to afford? Family law attorneys can help avoid these problems.

Another common mistake that individuals in Atlanta might make is to try and be friends with a former spouse. There are certainly Georgia couples that can separate and divorce without conflict and while still keeping each other in high regard, but it is difficult to be friends with an ex, at least immediately following a divorce. Whether it is readily apparent or not, most people who have gone through a divorce are emotional and trying to force a friendship with an ex could just lead to more hurt feelings. Some former couples develop friendships over time, but it is very difficult to be friends immediately.

Speaking of emotions, it is important that people going through divorce do not keep all their emotions bottled up. Not only can it be unhealthy to not express emotions, but it is hard to move forward without dealing with one’s emotions. And that’s what divorce is: the opportunity to move forward with your life.

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