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April 2013 Archives

Hidden assets mean return to court for the McCourts

If the name Frank and Jamie McCourt don't sound familiar to the people of Georgia, their baseball team certainly does: the Dodgers. The former owner of the Dodgers is heading back to court after his wife has accused him of hiding assets in the January 2012 divorce. She agreed to take only $131 million in a divorce settlement because she only believed her ex-husband's assets totaled $300 million, according to her post-divorce lawsuit. Since his sale of the Dodgers for $2.1 billion in March 2012, Jamie has learned that he had far greater assets than she originally knew about.

Nearly 2 years later: Kris and Kim divorce

Even for those people in Marietta who aren't fans of the Kardashians, the announcement that Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries have finally divorced may come as a relief. Approximately one and a half years after Kardashian filed for divorce, which was only 72 days into their marriage, Kardashian and Humphries are legally divorced. Although many in Marietta may see this as a unique story and one that could never happen to them, this kind of delay is not too uncommon when it comes to divorce.

Avoid common pitfalls during your divorce

While there are definitely some benefits to having divorce become more commonplace in Atlanta, there are also some problems. One of the biggest problems is that with more people divorcing, the more people there are who are ready and eager to throw out their opinions on how to have the "best" divorce. Making the decision to get a divorce was certainly difficult, but anyone in Atlanta who is starting the process would be best served by working closely with a family law attorney.

Keeping your money separate in complex division of marital assets

It may have been a very difficult decision to come by, but with divorce increasingly common in Emerson, separating from a spouse is not something you will be going through alone. For some of the top-earners in Emerson, however, it may be especially difficult to file for divorce, in part because of the complex nature of dividing marital assets. Especially for those individuals who married after already making a name for themselves, keeping their money and property separate during a divorce is incredibly important.

Prenuptial agreements are not always ironclad

For many people in Atlanta, getting a divorce is a time of complete uncertainty. All that you know is that when you are done, you will no longer be married to your spouse, but other than that there is no real way to know who will get the house, who will have primary custody of the children, whether alimony will be awarded, what amount of child support shall be paid, and many other aspects of divorce that must be settled. It is not always the case, however, that someone will be completely unaware of what divorce will bring, especially if he or she has a prenuptial agreement.

Father arrested after failing to pay child support

If you are a single parent in Marietta and your former spouse is no longer paying the court-ordered child support, what do you do? A judge ordered him or her to pay you to help cover the costs of raising your children and his or her inability or lack of desire to pay is forcing you to figure out ways to afford all of the things your children need. Oftentimes, that means sacrificing one thing for another, weighing what are the most important things your children need.

Figuring out how to survive after a divorce

When two spouses divorce in Marietta it is not just about going to court, receiving a divorce decree and moving into separate homes. There are months, if not years, of recovery ahead, as divorce is never easy. Although divorce in Georgia can be complicated and will require the assistance of an experienced family law attorney, there are many things that divorcé(e)s need to remember about life after a divorce.

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