Although some people in Cobb County may try to work out a divorce settlement with their spouses on their own, it is highly recommended that anyone who is considering ending a marriage use a divorce attorney. It makes sense that some people would attempt to go through a divorce without a family law lawyer — hiring an attorney comes at a price — but the cost of messing up a divorce or inadvertently giving a former spouse everything far outweighs the cost of hiring an experienced and competent attorney.

In order to change a divorce order in Georgia requires considerable work, time and money. To go before a judge and attempt to explain exactly why you need to change a settlement agreement can be very difficult and some judges may wonder why you didn’t use a lawyer in the first place. But, consulting and working closely with an attorney early on could preclude the need for a modification in the first place.

More than just handling the complexities of divorce law, a divorce attorney has had considerable experience working with divorcing couples in all kinds of situations and is familiar with working toward the best settlement for a client. Whether that means fighting for the family home or some other asset, a divorce attorney can guide his or her client on what might be the best way to divide the marital property.

It is certainly true that some family law attorneys are out to take advantage of their clients by dragging out a divorce or making the separation much more contentious than it needs to be, but many are only looking out for their clients’ best interests.

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