It is common for teenagers to wish their parents were famous, but one 16 year old from Atlanta may actually have a father that nearly everyone knows: Michael Jordan. The Atlanta boy and his mother have filed a lawsuit against one of the most famous NBA players ever, claiming that the 50 year old is the father of the teen. According to the mother, she and Jordan first met in the 1980s and ostensibly had a relationship that lasted into the 1990s.

Jordan, however, denies being the boy’s father. He has said that the child’s paternity had been determined in a previous lawsuit. He has called the mother’s lawsuit a “shameless, bad faith attempt to abuse the legal system.” He has asked the Georgia court to dismiss the lawsuit.

Regardless of whether Jordan is the boy’s father, this lawsuit highlights the difficulty of raising a child without the financial support of both parents. Sadly, in some cases, one parent wants nothing to do with the other parent or his or her child, leaving the other parent to raise the child alone. This is difficult by itself, but many parents in Georgia are able to raise children on their own, so long as they have child support to help pay for their children’s basic needs. When parents don’t pay child support, however, it is hard for the other parent to care for the child.

In this situation, the mother of the 16 year old is merely trying to get some child support. It is presumed that she has never had any child support during the past 16 years, meaning she has raised her son on her income alone. If Jordan is the father, it would only make sense for him to pay the mother of his son the money he has withheld the past 16 years.

Source: USA Today, “Michael Jordan files to dismiss paternity lawsuit,” March 4, 2013

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