Divorcing couples in Georgia may be interested to learn that recent studies carried out in the United States are finding interesting correlations between weight and a happy marriage. One study, which was performed by researchers from Southern Methodist University’s psychology department, found that couples who are happily married are more likely to gain weight than couples who are unhappily married or divorced.

The study was performed to investigate the myth that “prosperity leads to weight gain.” As husbands and wives became happier with their marriages, the more weight they were likely to gain.

The research data came from studying almost 200 newlywed couples of husbands and wives that were roughly 25 and 23 years old, respectively. The researchers followed the couples for four years and tracked their weight along with their satisfaction in marriage.

The study revealed that the couples gained roughly 0.12 in body mass index in the four years of the study. The weight gain was not gender-specific; it seemed that the average weight gain was the same for both men and women.

The lead researcher said that the theory of weight gain is accepted in the health world, as is the theory of weight loss when a person is in an unhappy marriage or going through a divorce. It is not surprising that individuals going through a divorce are likely to lose weight, as the stress and emotion of ending a marriage can sometimes have an effect on an individual’s health. Working with an experienced family law attorney, however, will help to make the transition to a single life much easier.

Source: TVNZ, “Marital bliss could mean weight gain,” Jan. 31, 2013

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